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After a couple of evenings doing general bushcraft tasks, whittling and a small amount of hunting, this kept up with absolutely everything. Hasn't lost the razor sharp edge it came with, cleans up beautifully and even dealt with skinning and gutting rabbits superbly, including leaving super clean cuts when taking off the feet.

Wonderful knife. Chosen over an esee model 4, and highly recommended. Though I wouldn't give it anywhere near as much abuse as an esee, but that's what an axe is for (y)

Andrew my husband was so pleased with the knife. Definately scored mega brownie points He especially liked the wood.
Thank you Sharon

Gun Mart

The Oaken Lore Bushcraft Knife is a real
beauty but well up to any task asked
of it. Andrew can make pretty much
anything a customer desires but a knife
such as this starts at a very reasonable
£160, more obviously with the fire steel
and any other more fancy features, such
as jimping. An example like the one on
test is around £200-220. I think that
Oaken Lore Knives deserve a wider
audience but I’m sure this article will
have whetted a few people’s appetites!

A quick review by John who kindly made a video of one of my knives.